The 7 Replicas of the Giralda Tower

One of the most famous landmarks in Seville is the Giralda Tower. Since originally built in Moorish times, it received many alterations and it now stands at 101 meters. However, a little known fact about La Giralda is that there are 7 replicas of the tower around the Globe. These replicas were built by people who fell in love with the Giralda Tower and wanted to remember it. Below is the list with the 7 replica towers:

1. Urban devolper J.C Nicholas visted Seville and fell in love with La Giralda. So much so that when he got back to the U.S.A he built a replica of La Giralda in his hometown of Kansas City. His replica stands at 138 feet tall and in 1967 his tower was officially christened by the then Mayor of Seville, Felix Morena de la Cova. It even has the exact same statue at the top of the tower.

Kansus City Giralda replica tower

2. The next replica can be found in Tarragond in a small Catalonian vilage called L´Abroç. An extremely wealthy couple visited Seville and fell in love with La Giralda. When they returned home they wanted to remember their favourite part of the beautiful city of Sevilla so they had the replica built on their own land. Inside the replica they also built a replica of a hall from the Royal Alcázar.

Tarragond replica Giralda tower

3. New York also once had a replica of the tower however sadly it is no longer there. The replica was built in 1890 and  demolished in 1925, the replica stood in the Madison Square Garden .

New York replica Giralda tower

4. Badajoz the capital of the Province of Badajoz in the autonomous community of Extremadura also has a replica of La Giralda. The tower was constructed in 1935 on the ´Alamnces la Giralda´.

Badajoz replica Giralda tower

5. Hotel Biltmore is another location that has a replica of the tower. The tower has been built into the main complex of the hotel. The reasoning for this is that the hotel owner loved everything about Seville, so he wanted to built a piece of the Spainish city into his hotel. He chose the Giralda tower.

Hotel Biltmore replica Giralda tower

6. The 6th replica of the Tower can be found in Belgium, in the libary of the University of Lueven. The main theory as to how a replica of the tower ended up being constructed  is that during the 16th century the city of Lueven was part of the Spanish Empire, so it was likely that it was built by the Spanish themselves.

Belgium replica Giralda tower

7. Finally, the last replica can be found not far from the city of Seville in the town of Carmona. The tower is built into the Church of San Pedro and the tower is known as La Giraldilla, meaning “Small Giralda”

Carmona replica Giralda tower

Why not come and see the original Giralda tower for yourself and experience the beauty that made so many people fall in love with La Giralda all around the world. A visit of the Giraldo Tower is included in our tour of the Seville Cathedral, you can book a tour right now here –