La Noche en Blanco

The current format of The White Night or  La Noche en Blanco began in Paris on the 5th of October 2002. They establishPoster for Sevilla's Noche en Blancoed an all night festival to celebrate and highlight the city’s contemporary art scene. The idea for the current format of the white night came from the Paris dept mayor Christophe Girard. Girard decided to shorten the previous format of the festival which would span over the period of  6 days and took place in Nantes, another French city.  The idea for an all night arts festival quickly  grew to other major cities across the world.

Sevilla´s first Noche en Blanco took place on the 2nd of October 2011. This year will be the seventh annual Noche en Blanco in Sevilla. The Noche en Blanco falls on the first Friday of every October.

Noche en Blanco 2018 took place on Friday the 5th of October. Many of the city´s most popular attractions are open throughout the night. This will allow you to experience Sevillian culture in a completely different light. You can immerse yourself in lots of different  activities and exhibitions relating to the rich culture of Sevilla. Booking and information can be found here