Nights in the Alcázar Gardens

The Royal Alcazar is a beautiful place that takes you back to the past, during the time of legends. Its powerful magic becomes even more enticing in the summer nights, when outdoor concerts are celebrated in the gardens. Music intensifies each night creating a surreal atmosphere in this millennial place.

The admirable gardens of the Alcazar Palace started many centuries ago as vegetable gardens to feed the people who lived in the Palace. Throughout the years, the gardens welcomed different techniques and style approaches from the inhabitants of their dynasty. After many centuries the gardens received a more spiritual and creative look, evolving from the vegetable gardens throughout each generation.

Today, this majestic place happens to be one of the biggest attractions of Seville, with daily tours during the day and surreal festivals during the Summer nights that gather crowds since 2000. There are more than 75 live performances in the period of 75 days. The performances consist of orchestras and live music with genres that include classical music, jazz, flamenco and many more.

It begins on June 27th to September 21st. The concerts take place from Monday to Saturday at 22:30. The price is 6€, for an experience of a lifetime. If you are interested, contact us here: for more information!