Food & Tapas Tour

Enjoy a gastronomic experience while you gather your strength with our Seville Food and Tapas Tour,  in one of our favourite restaurants, which is also a Seville Tapas Week award-winner.

El Pasaje Tapas, where you can select four tapas and two drinks, is contemporary and daring in its approach. Thanks to this and the loyalty of its regular customers, it is becoming an icon in the city and is frequented by Sevillians, tourists and visitors alike.

Since 1987, the restaurant has been opening its doors to us with the saying: “Life is too short not to taste an exquisite delicacy”.

The delicacies that we can find in El Pasaje Tapas are a modern interpretation of traditional Andalusian cuisine. The ideas of chef Dani Bendala can be seen in the design of the menu, for instance one of the signature dishes “Inés Rosales orange cake with cream of avocado and marinated salmon” which received an award in Seville Tapas Week.

So why not taste Seville in it’s finest gastronomic flavours